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Yes! We are still printing!

We have had to close our storefront, but are still avaliable for printing service.

We now will either deliver your orders or they will be shipped.

Free of charge.

Ticket Printing Done Right

A Top Printing Company at Your Service

Having tickets printed for your raffle, fundraiser, or sporting event has just gotten easier. Turn to Premier when you need custom tickets for any occasion. We'll print your tickets perfectly and staple them in books of 10 at no charge. We do offer stapling in larger quantities—please contact us for details.

You can depend on us to get your order to you quickly—we complete most jobs within 5 days. Plus, we offer rush delivery services for when you are in hurry. For your convenience, our experts keep your details on file, so it's quick and easy to re-order. We'll just need your new details to add to your tickets before quickly printing and shipping them to you. Call us today to discuss your ticket printing needs!

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(559) 285-0623

About Us

Make Premier in Fresno, California, your go-to printer when you need custom event tickets and raffle tickets. We print personalized passes for individuals and organizations throughout the nation at reasonable prices. Our owner, Kyle Rhoades, knows how important it is that your information is presented correctly and will make sure your tickets are printed perfectly.


Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

(559) 285-0623

We have closed out store front. We now take orders only through email or the form on this page.

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